Posted by: Calvin | May 17, 2008

Political Eviction

My plan while my kids were young was to be on a political hiatus.  For many pre-kid years, I was very active in politics.  My political hiatus was easy in the last 9 years or so, but the political itch is really getting me geared up.  In a Presidential Election year it is just too hard.  I find myself wanting to write about politics in my blog, but that is not the purpose of this blog.   True, it is part of who I am, but not what I want this blog to be about.  I want this blog to be more about me, my family, my friends and my day to day life.  There are times, however, when I just can’t keep my mouth shut keyboard quiet when something happens in the world of politics. 

Here is my plan.  Add It To The List will be where I write about me, my family, my friends and my day to day life.   All future poltical comments are hereby evicted from this site and will henceforth be posted at my new blog (under construction at the moment): Politcal Observations from the Right of Center which is added to my blogroll under conservative blogs.  You are welcome to read the new blog or you are welcome to never read it.  Suit yourself! 


  1. I have another one of those too…just for my somewhat conservative views (touched with a dash of my constitutionalist opinions).

  2. […] Skews Blog Stats As you may recall, a while back I decided to post my political thoughts in a separate blog.  Overall, it is a fairly neglected […]

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