Posted by: Calvin | May 17, 2008

A Hit You Don’t See Every Day!

Baseball Boy had an interesting at bat during his playoff game yesterday.  He was first up to bat in the bottom of the third inning.   He hit the ball toward the pitcher.  The ball hit the pitcher, rebounded off his leg, then rolled out into foul territory.  Meanwhile, Baseball Boy dropped his bat and took off toward first base.  It was not a good bat drop.  He tripped over the bat as he took off for first base and his whole person hit the ground.  He had a puzzled look on his face as his coaches, his Dad, his Grandpa and the crowd in general were yelling “Run, Baseball Boy, Run!”  He got up and ran.  By the time the catcher retreived the ball, Baseball Boy was heading toward first base.  The catcher overthrew the first baseman and Baseball Boy took off toward second.  The first baseman got the ball and threw the it toward second.  The throw was way too high for the second baseman to catch.  Baseball Boy kept running toward third as the ball rolled deep into the outfield.  By the time the outfielders got to the ball Baseball Boy was rounding third and heading home.  The throw from the outfield was no where near the plate when Baseball Boy slid in for the score!  It was his first home run!  You gotta love little league! 



  1. Ah, the classic “Little League Home Run” Very familiar with those!! Last year SportsBoys’ team was so bad that they gave away HR’s like those just about every game. I do love how he tripped over his bat to start it off though – that’s a new twist!!

  2. Throwing the ball around like that is contagious for the boys. All of the yelling from the fans tend to get them a excited and the balls start flying around.

  3. I actually find that kind of stuff painful to watch. It makes the games longer, and humiliates the defense.

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