Posted by: Calvin | May 13, 2008

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

This morning I was sent a link to news item posted by a local TV news station. It reported that a man who is a teacher at a local high school and who runs a local sports camp is allegedly “at the center of a battery investigation involving a juvenile.” He has been removed from the class room and given a job in administration while the investigation is carried out. I am conflicted in my response to this article.

If I had not been such a procrastinator, I would have already signed my sons up for the summer camp run by the man at the center of the investigation. Writing a check and sending in the forms is on my “to do” list for this week. Then I get this e-mail from a woman whose son is on my sons’ baseball team. In all honesty, my first thought was “Wow, glad I procrastinated.” Then I realized that my sons have gone to the camp many times. They have had a great experience and learned a lot. Is it right for me to keep them out of the camp now that I have seen this article? What if the man is innocent and some kid has made something up to get revenge for a bad grade. It happens. I went to the local newspaper to see if they had picked up the story. They haven’t.

It is not just my choice.  I will discuss this with my husband this evening.  He has known this man for many years.   He was a teacher back when my husband was in high school.  I would not say that they are “close” but he has had a lot more time to judge the man’s character than I have. 

I know that as I write this, I am leaning toward picking a different camp for the two weeks we had slotted for the camp in question.  I do not apologize for putting my kids safety first, even if the fear is not warranted.  I need to feel that my kids are in a safe environment when I leave them in someone else’s care.  I do feel badly however, that in the event this man is innocent, his livelihood, and the livelihood of all of the others that work the camp, will be negatively affected by the story. 




  1. Oh wow. I agree with your assessment completely. Especially after reading an article in San Diego Magazine about a local teacher put into this same situation. He’s been proven innocent at the end, but ended up spending time in jail and you know the community will never accept him fully again. He cannot teach anymore. All of this over one child holding a grudge over a grade and two adult co-workers jealous over his accomplishments.

  2. Safety has to come first. It is unfortunate to have to make such a decision, but what you may have to consider is where are they going to go? And what do you know about the other people at the other camp? We roll the dice everytime we entrust our children with others…tough call!

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