Posted by: Calvin | May 11, 2008

Take This Project and . . .

do it at school!!

I am totally burned out on school projects.  I don’t mean the projects the kids do at school.  I mean the kind that the teachers assign for the kids to do at home.  Perhaps a better name would be “home projects” or “parent projects” (because I don’t have to tell most of you that a lot of the projects that get turned in are not a child’s work.)  

I mistakenly thought the whole “project thing” was finally finished for our family for this school year.  Both kids finished big projects recently.  I had to take a 1/2 day off of work for each child to attend the project presentations.  On the day that the youngest child presented his project, which was a week after the oldest child presented his big project, the oldest child brought home his next project.  He is to do a science experiment.  There was a list of suggested or sample experiments.  I looked over the list.  Steered him toward the easiest, lest I go insane.  He agreed and wrote it down.  His teacher did not like his choice.  It was too easy. 

I e-mailed her and calmly expressed my “BUT IT WAS ON THE LIST” displeasure.  I politely explained we are burnt out on projects, both work and school, and asked her to pick a different project that Baseball Boy could do AT SCHOOL.  My reward was that she helped Baseball Boy to choose a very work intensive experiment that he has to do at home.  UGH! 




  1. We are TOTALLY with you here…..DH pulled the latest project assignment out of DD4’s backpack on Friday and we all literally groaned. This one is on composers. The one this weekend is to design a book jacket for a book she read—-however, the teacher didn’t send home the 11X14 construction paper the “rubrick” (another word I’m coming to hate) said she needed….DD4 swears she just gave a regular white sheet of paper to everyone so that’s what she’s using.

  2. No, really: TAKE THIS PROJECT AND SHOVE IT! Do you know that I went to 6 stores, burning gallons of gas at $3.78/gallon, looking for freaking litmus paper? This was b/c my husband “helped” Wild Thing choose his project. Then they spent all Saturday afternoon performing the experiment and “writing it up.” Guess who typed the results? Not me, that’s for damned sure.

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