Posted by: Calvin | May 8, 2008

Threshers Update – The Playoffs

Things have been so busy that I have neglected to post the last 3 games. 

Saturday, 5/2 we played our last regular season game against the other top rated team.  The score was tied 0-0 in the 4th inning, so the coaches decided to play another inning even though the league rules said the game was over.  We were visitors.  We had our chance at the bat and were scoreless.  The home team had their ups and got two players on base.  * * * It is important to remind you here that our league is too cheap to have umpires at our games.  The coaches make the calls.  Our main coach was at his son’s first communion.  We were a coach shy in the field. * * *  The next batter hit a long fly ball . . . foul . . . not foul said his coaches who out numbered us.  They “won” . . . or not.

Tuesday, 5/6 we played our first playoff game.  There are 9 teams in our league so 2 teams had to play an early game to narrow the teams down to 8 for the real playoff opening night on Wednesday.  We drew the short straw.  We had to play an extra game.  We won.  Our reward was that we had to play the same team we had played 5/2 . . . but this time we had an umpire.  The league springs for umpires in the playoffs (to confuse the kids and keep the coaches from killing each other).  

The other team had the advantage – they did not have to play the night before AND their coaches had an opportunity to come to our Tuesday game to scout out our team.  They actually left their families to come to the ball field to count our pitches and note the fielding and batting ability of each player!  DO YOU BELIEVE IT?? 

The game again was 0-0 as we went into the bottom of the 4th inning.  They again got a player in scoring position.   The next batter hit a fly in to the outfield to our worst player (clearly fair).  The runner took a chance running for home plate.  He got there right before the ball, slid . . . almost to the plate.  He was aout 2 inches shy.  The umpire stood there staring.  Our catcher got the ball tagged the player.  The umpire called the runner safe.  No one on our team saw the player touch home plate.  I think he still hasn’t touched home plate.  The umpire must have felt badly for him seeing his coach was SEVERLY YELLING at him.  He called him safe.  Oh well, we wanted an umpire.  We have to live with his calls.

So, we are in the loser bracket.  All in all it is not that bad of a place to be.  The “Winners” all have to play Friday evening.  We get to play Saturday morning.  We should also have an easier schedule in the next game or two or three or four.  It is a two loss ellimination, so one more loss, we are  . . . OUT! 

Wish us luck!



  1. Hmm! Umpires! I used to be harder on them, but I do a lot of it now. Now, I just get on them if they are in the wrong position to make the call. The homeplate umpire should make that call from in front of plate, not behind it!

    Good luck!

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