Posted by: Calvin | May 1, 2008

Threshers are 8-2-1 for the Season

We tied the game last Saturday 1 -1. We won the Wednesday game 3-1. We have one more regular season game on Saturday and then we start our 2 game elimination post-season playoffs.

Our team is going to a minor league baseball game on Saturday evening. I put the outing together, took orders for tickets, bought all the tickets, and passed them out. Almost every family is participating.  We ended up with 38 in our group. Most have paid me for the tickets, but one family who ordered tickets has not shown up for the last couple of games or practices. I suspect that I will end up with extra unused tickets at my sole expense!!

So, tonight I retrieved a voice mail at the house from the marketing guy with the team we are going to see. He said that our group was chosen to have a kid serve as Junior Announcer for an inning during the game. My first thought was, “Cool, which of my boys should I pick?” My next thought was, “Perhaps I should let the main coach decide who gets to do it.” Then I thought, “Forget that. I did all the work for this outing and am the one who is going to get a financial screwing. Darn right it will be one of my boys!”  Now, I am back to being undecided.

What say you oh learned reader? ( . . . all 2 of you!)



  1. Oh boy, that is a tough one!!! Ask the coaches would be my choice. Put that burden on them 🙂 As much as I complained about our coach, I know he would be fair about choosing a worthy candidate.

    Our team had a great first half, but has started the second half really slow. Which means I will hopefully NOT be tortured with a protracted playoff season. At least they are playing close games and playing well, not getting wiped off the field. So its a better season than the last, but we are still looking forward to its end.

  2. Hmmm!

    I would offer it to him to decide when you are alone with him. He should, in turn, offer it to one of your boys as repayment for the work you put into this outing.

    There are many unwritten rules here, but this could work out either way. So be prepared.

  3. I vote for passing the buck

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