Posted by: Calvin | April 26, 2008

The Debate Horse is Dead!

I found something on which Obama and I agree!  There is no need for a 22nd debate.  In debate number 21, the ABC News moderators were panned for not focusing enough on the “issues.”  I couldn’t help but think at the time “what issues haven’t already been discussed in debates 1 though 20?”   Focusing on the issues at that point would have made the debate boring in a “been there, done that” kind of a way.  ABC needed to keep their viewers tuned in.  Rehashing the ground previously covered would have led to a remote clicking epidemic.  

For the most part, Clinton and Obamashare many of the same views.  So, seeing them debate the issues is really rather boring.  The intricate differences as to how they intend to implement their liberal ways is lost on most people.  The vast majority of Americans are not political minded and that information is just too much information, i.e., BORING!  At that point in the program, if they have not switched to another network, they are focusing on truly meaningful concerns, like whether the candidates are wearing an appropriate lapel pin.

There are only certain types of people who will watch a political debate (not including the “undecided” folks the networks put in a room to watch the debate – which people are more likely looking for their 15 minutes of fame than wanting to pick a candidate).  Obama is smart to focus his efforts on reaching voters that he has not already reached or those who are truly undecided.  Clinton should do the same. 

Another debate would be like beating a dead horse.  The horse is dead.  Move along.  The candidates would be more productive working on their bowling games!

[No animals were injured or otherwise abused in the writing or publication of this post.]


  1. This proposed debate could be a little different if it goes the way Hitlary wants it to go. No mediator and one-on-one interaction. It might be fun to watch. I think she saw the way he stumbled through the economy part of the last one and smells blood in the water. Maybe she’ll start screeching…that is always fun to see!

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