Posted by: Calvin | April 23, 2008

Fisherman’s Theory

Fisherman has a theory.  Simply stated the theory is “95% of all people are morons.”  When we started dating, I regularly told him he was mistaken.  The number seemed high to me.  After nearly 10 years of marriage, I no longer fight him.  The number may be high, but it is not far off.  I find myself regularly saying “the Fisherman theory is alive and well!”  I said it tonight when I read this article from the local mullet wrapper.  A father was sent to jail after taking his family on shoplifting junkets to local discount stores.  During one such junket he ran over his wife, not once, but twice driving the get away car.  You just can’t make this stuff up.




  1. Someone married this guy and they had children?

    That is a crime against humanity!

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