Posted by: Calvin | April 22, 2008

It’s Not About The Books

Alto2 invited me to join her book club about a year ago and last summer I took her up on the invitation.  It was a great move for me.  Ever since I met Fisherman, he had in place his outlet, his stress relieving activity.  For him it is all about fishing.  In times of stress I would say “You get to go fishing — what do I get to do?”  I had nothing that I did just for me.  This was not his fault.  It was up to me to find what the “me” activity was going to be. 

The book club has helped to fill that void.  I was reluctant to join because frankly I am not much of a reader.  I am convinced that I, like my eldest son, have a learning disability.  When I was young I hated reading, especially reading aloud at school.  It wasn’t until my days at the univiersity that I actually read the books that were assigned to me.  Reading books was a very laborious task for me.  I also never enjoyed writing.  I scoured the course listings each semester and interviewed other students to figure out which professors required papers and gave essay tests.  If I had a choice, I always went for the courses with professors that did not require a paper and those that gave multiple choice tests (I guess I wanted the lazy profs). 

I had a rude awakening at law school.  I had to read a lot and very few professors offered multiple choice tests.  Like most people with reading learning disabilities, I found ways to work around my issues.  I now find myself in a profession that requires reading and writing all – day – long!  (Perpetual homework comes to mind!)

So, I can now say I read books for pleasure.  I have read a number of books that I would never have read if Alto2 hadn’t pulled me along.  That in and of itself is a good thing.  What I really enjoy, however, are the dinners out once a month with a great group of women.  Some are women that were already friends, but others I may not have befriended otherwise.  When we discuss books we talk a lot about life, kids, marriage, values, religion, etc.  You get to know the people in your book club fairly well.  I really have come to enjoy the camaraderie of these wonderful women.

So now, I have one thing that is just for me.  I will strive to add to my list of my “things”.  But for now, Fisherman knows that that the second Monday of the month is my night out with the Borgia Book Club.  He also knows that . . . it’s not about the books!


  1. I am beginning to go nuts myself! I need a release…has it really helped?

  2. One of the first things I will do when my terms on the sports boards are over is join a book club! I am doing a pretty good job of working regular reading times in to my life and I know I will be ready for more in two years. Yes, you always need to have something for yourself and I am glad you have found something 🙂

  3. For me, though, it is about the books. The cameraderie is vitally important, too.

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