Posted by: Calvin | April 19, 2008

Hose This!

My redneck, cracker, boys are having fun in the back yard.  We do not have a pool.  So they have hose fun.  That is right.  They play with the garden  hose.  They get the slide wet and slide faster.  They take turns spraying each other.  They lay the hose on the trampoline and jump around it.  The hose bounces around and the water spray is unpredictable.  They think it is hilarious.  And . . . our lawn gets a much needed watering.

It is not a perfect activity, but it is an activity that they thought up all on their own.  It is realitively inexpensive and it does not bother the neighbors (both houses on either side of our house are seasonal rentals that are currently empty).  I watch them the whole time to make sure they are not doing anything too crazy.  Luckily, my boys are risk-adverse.  They don’t do flips or anything too scary.  The day they do, is the day the trampoline is outta here.  But for now, it is way cheaper than a pool!


  1. Oh, I loved playing with the hose!! We didn’t have a pool either so the hose or one of those sprinkler attachments would be our source of fun.

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