Posted by: Calvin | April 13, 2008

Un-united By Our Differences

I found this post while Tag Surfing a few days ago:  Dear Barack Obama, « Intelligent Dissent

I have had this thought before, but was interested to read it from a person of the opposite political slant.  We agree that it is our differences that make life so interesting.  We do not want to be united.  We want to continue to have healthy disagreements. 

Our country was founded upon the concept of co-existing with others who are different than ourselves.  Our checks and balances system requires it.  Have you noticed that society does not let one political party rule for too long?  There is an ebb and flow of Democrats and Republicans in and out of the Executive and Legislative, and hence the Judicial, branches.  That part of our government is not broken, so let’s not try to fix it.


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