Posted by: Calvin | April 12, 2008

The Streak is Over – Threshers are 6 -1 for the season!

Has anyone seen the boys who usually play on the Thresher’s team?  There were 14 boys there today, all dressed in red.  They looked a lot like the boys who usually show up for the games, but they didn’t play like them.  I hope the real Threshers show up for our next game on Wednesday.

Except, we will keep the one that looked like the littlest boy on the team who often tells me he is scared to bat and asks longingly to sit out as many innings as possible.  His clone was a skillful and eager ball player.  He hit a RBI double (he advanced Baseball Boy in to home plate) and actually looked like he knew what he was doing at shortstop (a position I almost talked the Coach out of assigning to him – I was worried he would be too scared to play there – but, I asked him if he wanted to play there and he said “sure” — so in he went).  You can have the rest, but we’ll keep that one!

(End score 8 to 5.)



  1. Well…all good things must come to an end. We lost out first game today 2-1. The other team was much older and experienced adn we only made one mistake, but it cost us two runs.

  2. Sportsboy’s team started out 6-0 too – then lost 3 straight and finished the first half of the season in 2nd place at 8-3. Kinda hard to be un-defeated at any level of youth baseball 🙂

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