Posted by: Calvin | April 9, 2008

Threshers are 6 – 0 for the Season!

The game tonight was nearly a sleeper ending in a tie. After 4 innings both teams lined up for the end of game handshake. We were only a minute or two past the time after which we were not supposed to start another inning. The coaches and the players all decided that they did not want a tie. All excitedly went back to their respective dugouts ready to play some more: our team ready to bat, their team ready to take the field.

Our first batter struck out.  The second got a single. The next batter struck out.  We now had two outs and a very fast runner on first.  Baseball Boy was up.  He had grounded out his first at bat and the guy before him was crying, so he was a little nervous. Before long, he had a full count. No pressure. He hit a beautiful fly ball to the outfield toward left center. He easily made it to first while our quick runner was fast on his way to third base. The throw from the outfield was missed and our runner took off toward home. In the confusion, Baseball Boy made it to second before the play was over. We were up by 1 run.

Next up was Mojo. Still two outs.  He usually has no clue about such things, but this time he seemed a little nervous . . . but not too nervous . . . he had hit a single his first at bat and was sporting his best Babe Ruth stance at the plate.  I yell, “Hit your brother in!”  He connects with the ball it goes over second base into the outfield. He easily gets to second base and his brother scores!  We are up 2 runs now. The next batter has an awesome hit and Mojo scores with a textbook figure four slide in to home plate!  We were up 3 runs!  Boy were we excited. No one seemed to care when we made our third out.

We took the field. Baseball Boy was at second base. Mojo was back behind home plate in his favorite position (someone told him that the catcher is the heart of the team – he has wanted to be catcher ever since). I must admit that I prepared the fielding line up for the fifth inning on the quick and took a little parental license in putting my child in where other players usually go. It was a bonus inning, so I figured I would stack the infield with talent.

My plan did not take into account that the boys were all exhausted. Early in the inning the Bad News Bears came to mind. With a runner on second base, the batter hit a ball resembling a bunt toward the pitcher. Next thing you know there were about 4 players near first base and no one was inclined to get the guy out. He ran right through them to arrive safely at first. The other runner scored while this impromptu convention was taking place near first base.  So much for my “dream team.” The score is now 3 -1.

The other team soon had two outs resulting from strikes. The next batter made a great line drive hit toward second base – almost up the middle and slightly toward shortstop. As I watch the ball soar toward the outfield, out of the corner of my eye I see a player diving through the air with his body and left arm stretched as far as they can possibly be stretched. He snags the ball and catches himself from falling. We all stop breathing while we wait to see if he is going to fall and drop the ball. He doesn’t do either. He did it! Oh my goodness . . . that fabulous play was performed by my son! That great display of athleticism was performed by Baseball Boy!  The game was over!

Mojo jumped up in all his equipment and took off his catching helmet/mask ensemble. He had the proudest look on his face.  He looked over at me and said “What an awesome play! Mom, do you see what ‘Baseball Boy’ just did!”

Baseball Boy was in the middle of many congratulations by his teammates and both sets of coaches.  He soon made his way out of the adoring crowd and came right toward me with a priceless look on his face.  He was rightfully very proud and I was very proud of him!  It was a great moment!  

The icing on the cake was that Baseball Boy got the game ball  . . . even though he had already had earned one this season.  I have to agree with the Coach . . . he did deserve it!


  1. Wow! It sounds like a fabulous finish. Congrats to both boys.

  2. What a juggernaught!

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