Posted by: Calvin | April 7, 2008

Bam! Bravo!

I am watching Emeril on TV and it dawns on me. I would cook much more if every time I did a miniscule task in the kitchen I had an audience applaud, ooh and aah! In my kitchen there is just not enough fanfare. I do something I think is great and there is usually no one there to share the moment.

Next time I toast the Eggo evenly on both sides and pour just the right amount of syrup on them for breakfast, I will appreciate a “L’eggo my PERFECT Eggo!”

When I open a can of Beefaroni for lunch and dump the contents of the can into the sauce pan without spilling a drop then heat it to the perfect temperature, I will expect a “Way to go, Mom!”

If the Kraft Mac-N-Cheese comes out with just the right consistency at dinner time, I will impatiently await a big “You are the best cook ever!”

At that point I may be encouraged to move on to something with more than three ingredients.  If that goes well, then I will reward myself with reservations! Maybe I will try one of Emeril’s restaurants!



  1. LOL.

    I would do more if there was someone standing behind me cleaning up all of the dishes!

  2. I’ve eaten at Emeril’s and NoLa. They’re pretty good, but there are better chefs. I think he’s a hack. OTOH, at least your kids appreciate what you make for them. I have given birth to three food snobs.

  3. I like this idea! I may have to search how to get that canned applause I’m sure they use on some shows. Or get one of those applause signs like the guys in the church in Shrek… this could make a huge difference in my kitchen!

  4. I’m thinking — I’d like a bit more appreciation for my cooking too. Perhaps we can all go on strike

  5. Ramblingmom – I am not sure I could get a way with cooking less and still stay married! I will support your strike however!

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