Posted by: Calvin | April 2, 2008

Foreclosure Bailouts

I am baffled that anyone thinks that it is a good idea for the federal government to bail out homeowners who bought houses they could not afford . . . except, of course, for those that were stupid enough to take the loans in the first place and the scumbag mortgagees that sold them the loans.  They both made their own bed and now they need to lie in it.   Don’t tax those of us who live responsibly within our means to pay for their mistakes.  

I am sure there are some sad cases, for example an injured soldier that is in a bad way, but for the most part these are people who’s eyes were bigger than their pocketbooks or speculators that got stuck without a chair when the music stopped.  The federal government has no business interferring or interjecting itself into these private business relationships.  Everyone of those people knew that they either pay or they lose the property.  The mortgagees knew what the mortgagor’s income was before they granted the loan and that they would not be able to afford the increases.  I doubt anyone is really shocked to find themselves in this predicament.

Sorry, this is just not my problem, why do Obama and Hillary think it is?  I have to agree with McCain on this one.

Done ranting.



  1. Oooh, love the new picture up top!!

    Where do you (and McCain) stand on the the govt bailing out the Wall Street firms?

  2. My issue is this…many people I know who are in trouble went and refinanced their houses and added their credit card debt and vehicle payments in with their mortgage. These were very bad decisions on their part.

    I am going to add this to the LONG list of things that I do not want my tax dollars going towards.

    I believe in two things…
    1. Rights of the individual
    2. Personal responsibility

    With rights, come responsibilities. And when we give the government more responsibility, we sacrifice our individual rights.

  3. […] a perfect world…. I have been pondering this for about a week now after reading this rant by one of my more conservative blog friends, Calvin. Her issue was personal responsibility & […]

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