Posted by: Calvin | April 1, 2008

Political Soul Searching

This political season has given me the opportunity to think about basic political philosophies.  It has been so interesting watching Obama and Hillary stump around the country.  Their respective messages are becoming the sound in the background of my day.  I have to admit, their messages have swayed my political opinions.  The more I think about it, the more I think I am a closet Socialist Democrat.

I have heard the arguments for universal health care.  The more I hear, the more I think it is a good idea, but it does not go far enough.  The government should make sure every woman, child and man in the USA does not want for any form of medical, dental or psychological attention, regardless of the price to society.  The government should also make sure that all people have hot meals, warm clothes, sturdy shelter and government run bowling alleys (to keep people occupied and off the streets).  Federal unemployment compensation benefits should be expanded to include employees that quit their jobs (most bosses are overbearing and demanding – so blame them and make them pay) and federal welfare programs should last longer.  It is so hard to tell families that they should work to pay their own way.  It is fairer for those who work hard to keep their jobs, or better their rich employers, to kick in a little extra so the others who are lazy and/or skipped school can stay at home. 

I have come around to the opinion that most Americans can not be trusted to take care of their own medical or dental care, financial and retirement planning, educational and vocational choices, parental obligations or dietary needs.  If the federal government does not step in now to save them, who knows what will happen.  I, for one, am not willing to take the chance that most Americans will be smart enough or responsible enough to make sound personal choices.

Face facts . . . the rich are rich enough.  They should be forced to pay more taxes so the federal government can make sure that the general population is cared for properly.

So, how will I chose between Obama and Hillary . . . easy . . . definitely Obama.  After all, he is a bowler.  Surely he will go for the government run bowling alley idea . . .

But wait . . . he only bowled a 37.  I am from Michigan.  The state with the most registered bowlers in the USA (unsubstantiated rumor – but completely believable).  I can’t have a President who throws gutter balls.  Therefore, I plan to vote for Hillary.










April Fools!

I am still a wise-a*s conservative Republican.  And, yes, when I was in grade school, I bowled on a youth league!



  1. Pffffffffffffffft! I cannot believe I communicate with a…a….a…..youth league bowler!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Perhaps I have stumbled upon an early indicator of future political affiliation?

  3. Yeah — so when exactly is the government going to take over raising my kids. Goodness knows there’s days when all I want to say is stick a fork in my I’m done

    Hey – maybe I could even get into that government menu planning.

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