Posted by: Calvin | March 31, 2008

Sentence Meme – Work Theme

I Am … a busy attorney.
I Want… a real vacation, with no Internet, e-mail, or telephones.
I Have… a lot of work to do.
I Wish… money grew on trees or, better, I wish I had a really great assistant.
I Hate… clients that think I am sitting around waiting for their call.
I Fear… malpractice.
I Hear… the phone ring, the fax buzz and my partner talking on the phone. 
I Search… for an easier way to make money.
I Wonder… if I knew that practicing law is like having perpetual homework, whether I would have gone to law school.
I Regret… not firing some of the PITA clients that caused so much stress in the past.
I Love… a big real estate closing. $$$
I Ache… from not sitting correctly while on the computer.
I Always… check my e-mail when I sit down at my desk.
I Usually… do my best work at the last minute.
I Dance… a jig when we win a case for a client.
I Sing… the blues if we lose.
I Never… over bill, unlike my competition.
I Rarely… clean my desk.
I Cry… or just feel like crying when I have to miss something special at my sons’ school due to work.
I Am Not… charging enough for my services.
I Lose… confidence in the system when dealing with an idiot opposing counsel.
I’m Confused… when judges make ridiculous decisions.
I Need… a good night’s sleep to be at my best.
I Should be… working instead of blogging.

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