Posted by: Calvin | March 15, 2008

Threshers are 3-0 for the Season!

t566_logo_lg1.gifWe won again today.  The score was 4 – 0 with just a minute or two to go until the regulations say the game is over.  The coaches decided to start another inning.  After 12 of our 13 players had an at bat that inning the score was much higher to zero and we did not have enough time for the other team, the home team, to have a last at bat.  So, as it turned out the decision was not a good decision for the other team.  It was a great morale booster for the Threshers, but I did not care that it was so at the unnecessary expense of the other team.  I know the game could have gone the other way . . . they could have held us and then passed us for the win, but I am writing this with hind sight that is 20/20.  We were on a team that lost a lot last year and I remember vividly how the other team must have felt.

Mojo is having trouble at catcher.  You may recall he got hit by a number of pitches in the last game (we were playing the field where the sun was in his eyes behind the plate).  He was jittery and afraid.  He agreed that we should practice this week to get rid of that fear. 

On a MUCH BRIGHTER NOTE — Baseball Boy had a great game!  He caught two pop flies, one at shortstop and one at pitcher.  He also scored one of the original 4 runs.  He got the game ball!



  1. I just received my roster for my team this morning and we get started with practice in about 10 days. We will have our last basketball practice and the first baseball practice the same week.

    I can’t catch a break.

    The boy and I are are going to hit some balls tomorrow!

    Congratulations to your juggernaut of a team. Four in a row is enought to start getting “cocky”. Time for a loss to bring them back down to earth. They can’t get too used to winning!

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