Posted by: Calvin | March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day!

They say you learn something new everyday.  I learned today from Ramblingmom that today is Pi Day!  So Happy Pi Day to your inner geek  math enthusiast!   


Pi, Greek letter, is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi = 3.1415926535… Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world on March 14th.

Next, I would like to learn who “They” are and why “They” know so much.

Most of my Pi day was spent at the baseball field.  We took the boys to a Minnesota Twins spring training game.  The boys did not have school, so technically they did not play hooky, but Fisherman and I did and it felt great!  We will suffer on Monday, but what good is life if you can’t play hooky now and then to take your sons to a baseball game?

We had great seats in the area behind homeplate.  We did not actually sit in them, but I am sure they were very good.  In the eighth inning, the man half of a lovely couple visiting from Philly whose friend’s son played for the Pirates and was playing third base that day for the visiting team, asked to see my ticket again – the first time was 5 seconds earlier when I pulled it out to see if I had won a prize.  It turns out that the reason our bleacher row was so crowded – and I mean packed in like sardines – was because when we came through the tunnel to enter the stadium, rather than turning left to Section 208, we turned right to Section 206 and sat in our assigned seat numbers.  (In a fleeting moment I thought it was weird that the guy next to me had the same seat number as Mojo, but the game had already started, we were in the shade and . . . who cares anyway?) 

The Twins won 4-1.  We saw some fabulous plays.  My favorite play was when a Pirate hit a hard, fast line drive toward the Twins’ pitcher, who ducked in the nick of time only to have the short stop stick his arm out and nearly have it ripped from his shoulder blade by the ball hurling into his glove and coming to an abrupt stop!  AWESOME!

It started to rain in the ninth inning, so when people left or moved to higher, covered seats, we went down and scammed a better set of other people’s seats right behind home-plate.  It was very cool there.  We were at ground level, where after looking like mini men from the bleacher seats, the players looked beyond life size.  The best part was the loud CRACK of the bat hitting the powerfully pitched baseballs!  That was too cool!  AND, we were close enough to the dugout for the boys to get over there for an autograph on the visor of their favorite Twins hat.  It was a great day at the ball field!

On the way home, we stopped at a brand new Costco, bought a tank of relatively cheap gas, hit the sample buffet, then picked out a new 37″ HDTV Flat screen television.  The TV was very affordable with our annual Costco refund checks.   We grabbed a few other items, shared a twist yogurt on the way out, then went to  . . . drum roll . . . Bass Pro Shop!  The boys sat on little ATVs, checked out the aquarium, rode the glass elevators, tried out the display tents and hung out in the fake tree near the womens’ apparel.  We picked up a few odds and ends, including a couple of items for my Mom’s Birthday (if you are reading this Mom, you can breathe, they have a golf department). 

So I had a great Pi Day.  I think I will celebrate Pi Day from now on.  In fact, I think it should be a national holiday!



  1. That sounds like an excellent day. There is nothing going to a baseball game for all.

    I have found that in life, I like people who like baseball. It isn’t like the other sports…baseball is a more cerebral game, nothing moves at a blistering pace and there are few “highlights”.

    We only have minor league sports around here and we always have the most fun going to the baseball games.

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