Posted by: Calvin | March 12, 2008

Threshers are 2-0 for the Season!

t566_logo_lg1.gifThe Threshers beat the Riverdogs tonight:  3-0. 

Mojo scored the second run of the evening.  He got on base by a well hit grounder up the third base line.  It was his first score in a real game.  Boy was he excited!  So excited that after he slid an awesome figure four slide into home-plate, he hung out a little while to relish the victory over the pentagonal destination.  The problem is the runner behind him needed to actually touch the plate to score his run too.  After the game I noted that the pros always jump right up and go to the dugout to celebrate.  He decided that I was right and that he would emulate the pros next time!  Great idea Mojo!  I can’t wait to see it!

Baseball Boy was bummed that he got out, but he advanced the runner before him.  He knows it was a good thing, but also understands why they call it a sacrifice!

Baseball Boy had a night off of the pitching mound.  There are rules prohibiting the kids from throwing too many pitches in a week’s time, so he will only pitch every other game.  It is good because he can also get experience playing other positions around the field.  He got to play outfield, 3rd and 1st base, which was fun for him.  He also had to sit out an inning, but got lucky when his brother, who was catching, got beaned for the third time in the same spot on his fore arm and asked to be taken out to put ice on it.  Baseball Boy, who was catcher the bulk of last year, was quick to offer to replace him and quite happy to put the equipment back on.  He said it was like coming home.  The equipment felt great!  (He is a very good catcher, if I do say so myself. )

Our coach this year has a very different philosophy than our coach last year.  Last year, the players were put in 1  main position all year long and did not move around much.  The good part about this philosophy is that they get good at that one position.  The bad part, is they do not get a well rounded experience.  The coach this year moves the kids around a lot.  (Though Baseball Boy got to be the pitcher and Mojo got to be his catcher for two innings last game.)  Only two players played a position more than once tonight.  That was mainly because we went for an extra inning and kept the catcher in his gear seeing he would not bat again and used the same pitcher because we had run out of other pitchers to use.  I see merit to both philosophies, and can not decide which I favor.  I will just watch for now and see how it goes.



  1. This has all the makings of a winning streak.

    The philosophy for positions for the kids is normal. I tend to allow them to practice one multiple positions, but not to play them in a game situations they do not fell comfortable playing. This is only with the infield positions and knowing which bases to cover and which base to throw to in certain situations. It can be intimidatinig to them sometimes, but each team and each child is different…

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