Posted by: Calvin | March 12, 2008

Big Pine Key . . . Here We Come!

We have plans.  Amazing!  We are going to the Keys for 5 days over Easter.  We are going to stay at a friend’s house on Big Pine Key.  The boys are thrilled at the prospect of getting out of town.  So am I! (Thanks to Alto2 for the great idea!)

Fisherman and I used to spend a lot of time in the Keys before we had kids. There was a time when Fisherman (pre-me) would go there nearly every weekend to help our friends build the house that we will stay in.  We also have dear friends that live down there year round who we are excited to spend time with while there.  They have a second home down the street from the Fish Camp (which they bought after staying at the Fish Camp and falling in love with the area).  Last time we saw them at the Fish Camp they told us how astounded they were that we had not taken the boys down to the Keys yet.  We agreed. 

I am really looking forward to:

  • Eating dinner at the No Name Pub where the motto is “It’s a nice place if you can find it!” and having the boys staple a dollar to the wall.
  • Snorkeling at Looe Key (assuming the water temperature in the Atlantic is tolerable).looekey_87_aerial_400.jpg
  • Fishing in deep water.
  • Meeting Capitain  Jose Wejebe of the Spanish Fly (who is a friend of a friend) so I can take my husband up on a challenge and get a little extra spending money!
  • Hanging out with  Key Deer.  national2.gifMojo already asked if he could keep a key deer.  I already explained that was not going to happen . . . ever.  So that is one less discussion we will have while we were there.
  • Making a short drive to the Southernmost Point of the continental USA in Key West.
  • Taking a day trip to the Dry Tortuga’s.

I doubt we will get to do everything while we are there this trip, but I also doubt that it will be our only trip down there in the neat future.  Once we get bitten by the Key’s bug, we will probably return before too long!



  1. That really should be good for the boys…as long as they don’t miss a game. You can’t keep the star pitcher and catcher out of action!

  2. Does the travel agent get to come along?

  3. It sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

  4. Sounds WONDERFUL!!!!

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