Posted by: Calvin | March 8, 2008

Threshers Win First Game!

t566_logo_lg1.gifWe had our first Little League baseball game this morning.  Our team is called the “Threshers.”  I have no idea what a Thresher is, but it has something to do with a shark and it is the name of a minor league team based in Clearwater that is associated with the Phillies.  We wanted to be the “Hammerheads,” but that name was taken already.  Our second choice was the “Sharks,” but the league did not have access to “Sharks” uniforms, so we are the “Threshers.”  (Sounds like the title for a B grade horror flick, which is probably why the boys love it!)

Baseball Boy and Mojo are both on the same team.  It is awesome to have baseball fit in to our schedule rather than having it dictate all other activities.  Baseball Boy is happy seeing he gets to be one of the best on the team and they are letting him pitch.  He pitched two no hit innings this morning, then played left field.  Kyle is excited, because he gets to be the catcher! 

We played the Hooks today.  We won 3 to 2.  Two of our runs were home runs!  Unfortunately, none of the runs were made by my boys, but it was exciting nonetheless.

After the game, both boys and dugout Mom (me) all had very muddy shoes.  As we got to the car, Fisherman told us all to take off our shoes before we got into the car.  I said that Fisherman would have to drive, because I did not like driving without shoes.  I said that I thought it was unlawful to drive without shoes, but I wasn’t sure if that was the law in Florida.  Mojo said, “That is only on St. Patrick’s Day, Mom!”  Of course,  what was I thinking?



  1. This is obviously a Florida “Thresher”….in the Midwest a thresher is a farm machine!


  2. Catchers are the heart and soul of the team. Did your one son get the catch while the other was pitching?…how did that go?

  3. That is so great that they are on the same team! Congrats on that first victory.
    SportsBoys team has already equaled their total # of wins from all of last year – 4 🙂 With the uber-icky coach from last year even. He is still giving some of us parents fits, but the team is winning so that takes some of the sting away.

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