Posted by: Calvin | March 6, 2008

Care for any Jumbo Shrimp at your next “Democratic” Party?

The term Jumbo Shrimp has always amazed me. What is a Jumbo Shrimp? I mean, it’s like Military Intelligence – the words don’t go together, man.” – George Carlin 

(I figured I would entertain you with a liberal quote, by a liberal comedian, before irritating my liberal friends . . .)

dem-ass.jpgDoes anyone else find it curious that the “Democratic” Party (the root of the name being democracy) does not exercise wholly democratic principles?  They use “Super-delegates” so the smarter, insider Democrats can change the results when the lesser, man-on-the-street Democrats don’t get it right and they penalize their own by taking away their vote when they disagree with a State’s legislative actions.

“Democratic Party” has become an oxymoron, like “Jumbo Shrimp.”



  1. This liberal Democrat says…preach it sister.

  2. And here I was all ready to be offended. I’ll admit that even though I’ve been a Democrat forever, I’ve never realized until this election the role the super delegates play. And, shhh, I even know a super delegate personally.

    But, I totally agree with your point about this method being undemocratic.

  3. That’s a good one. I also like this neat little trick…neither major party could get anyone elected unless they convince a large chunk of registered indepdendents (like me) to vote for their candidate. So what do they do in places like Kansas (where I live)? Hold closed primaries! Makes perfect sense. Why nominate a candidate that appeals to the very group of people you need to win the election when you can nominate someone that only appeals to registered members of the party who actually bother to vote in primaries? (In other words, a minority within a minority.) Genius!

  4. Yes!! God forbid anything just be simple….show up and vote, and the winner wins and the loser loses. What a concept. I will also admit I had no idea what a super-delegate was prior to this election. And now I wish I didn’t know.


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