Posted by: Calvin | February 29, 2008

Me . . . meet Dog House

It stinks knowing that you are going straight to the dog house and can do nothing about it.  I am screwed.  It is a completely unavoidable fact. 

For weeks I have known that I would need two pair of black baseball pants for our opening ceremonies and team picture tomorrow morning.  I only have one.  A couple weeks ago, I stopped at the only store in town that carries blackbaseball pants and they only had some in a size too small.   I bought one pair to see how small they would be.   They were not bad, but the size bigger would be better.  I asked the clerk to hold the right size when the next batch arrived.  They arrived.  She called me to tell me so.  The idiot who is me did not pick them up.  I discovered my remiss gross negligence tonight about 10:30 PM.  I sped over to Target.  Closed.  The thought of going to the 24 hour Walmart by my house utterly scared me, so I went all the way to the 24 hour Walmart by Alto2’s house.  They had LOTS of white and gray baseball pants in every possible size, but not one pair of black baseball pants.  (The trip to the other side of town was not a total waste.  I did find an item that Mojo needs to wear as the catcher so I can someday be a grandparent . . . but I digress.)

The store with the holy grail of baseball attire opens at 10:00 am.  Our pictures are scheduled for 10:15 am.  I am committed to volunteer early for the league at 8:15 am. Fisherman will be fishing at an early hour.  Did I say I am screwed?  I am so screwed.



  1. Arf arf!

    You have my deepest sympathies. Happens to the best of us.

  2. I was saved by a last minute favor from friend. I remembered that a fall ball parent with three sons would be volunteering with me. I found her cell number and caught her just in time this morning. She had some black pants that no one was wearing today!

  3. What? You traveled beyond the pale to my local Walmart? Why, that’s way north and east of your “transportation zone”! Glad to hear you found some baseball pants.

    BTW, our kids loved the Globetrotters, but I HATE that ^&*(@@ arena. The seats in the upper level just suck; I can’t even sit down in them. I told DH the next time we buy tix there, we’re spending the $$ to sit down low.

  4. […] Dilemma #1 On my unscheduled midnight trip to Walmart last Friday, I found myself confronted with a social/moral dilemma.  I stood in line behind a guy who was […]

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