Posted by: Calvin | February 25, 2008


Mojo is a fan of the Harlem Globetrotters.  We went to see their show a couple years ago.  I had bought second row seats close to the announcers stand.  We got there early.  Before the show started, I heard other spectators discussing the autograph session after the game.  Being the smart Mom I am, I decided to head out to the souvenir stand to pick up some programs so we would be prepared.  I got back to the seat and Mojo proudly told me he “got a T-shirt!” and Fisherman was saying, “I am sorry, I was trying to get pictures, but it went so fast and . . .”  “What did I miss?” I interrupted.  “Mojo went out to center court with the announcer and was break dancing!”  Apparently, it was a crowd pleaser.   This is the only photo Fisherman got – notice he has already gotten his T-shirt reward – i.e., the dance was over before the camera  was ready –


Recently there have been many ads on TV for the Harlem Globetrotters show at a local arena for this Friday evening.  Mojo mentioned it many, many times to both Fisherman and me.  Finally, I asked Fisherman if he wanted to take the boys again.  He said sure.  Mojo got very excited.  I said, “Don’t get too excited, because tickets went on sale a while ago.  We probably will have to sit high up in the stands.”  He said, “It’s okay Mom, they’re tall.  I’ll be able to see them fine.”

I went to the ticket scalping vending website that one is required to use unless one treks up to the box office.  I clicked “best available” a couple times and each time I was offered not great, yet still expensive ticket choices.  I tried again a few minutes later and was offered 4 front row, court side seats.  They were WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.  I took them!  The ticket gods were telling me that I get one more chance.  This time, I will not budge from my seat lest I miss anything spectacular! 


  1. We bought our tix when they went on sale in December. I don’t think we’ll be courtside, though. I’m too cheap. See you Friday night.

  2. That should be a fun family outing…try oy to eat too much junk!

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