Posted by: Calvin | February 14, 2008

Fuzzy Zoeller Sighting!

We hit a favorite spot tonight for Mojo’s birthday dinner . . . Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  Just as we were getting up to leave, Fuzzy Zoeller and about 4 other guys dressed in fancy golf clothes walked in the restaurant.  I see Fuzzy is “in the know” on the best burgers in town!  Only the best for Fuzzy and Mojo!

Just in case, like Mojo, you have no idea who Fuzzy Zoeller is, here is a clue:


Fuzzy is in town for the ACE Group Classic Senior golf tournament.  Fisherman in his cool, unimpressed by anyone way, knew who he was right away and said, “So how was the golf game today?” as he walked by.  Fuzzy replied, “I had fun.” 

Fuzzy’s tee time is 12:02 pm tomorrow for the tournament’s first official day.  At least he has a while to digest his dinner before heading out to the course!


  1. I followed Fuzzy around the US Open when they had it in Michgan in 1984 or 1985 (I was in high school…I think). He was a very funny guy who was drunk most of the time. This was before the Tiger Woods “chicken incident”. When I heard about his comments, I knew someone had gotten to him after he “had a few”.

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