Posted by: Calvin | February 10, 2008

Just Me and the Boys, and a Few Great Friends

Fisherman is home from his guy weekend at the Fish Camp.  My time “alone” with the boys was good.  I did have to work a bit and called in favors from a couple of friends.  I called one friend on Wednesday evening to see if she would take the boys home with her on Thursday after school.  She was quick to say yes.  She fed them dinner and took them to her son’s basketball practice at the local YMCA.  Her husband is the coach so they got to practice with the team.  They loved it!  The next day, I saw her and thanked her again.  She said, “It was nothing!”  I said, “To you it was nothing, to me it was definitely something.”  Friday afternoon while I was scurrying to leave work to pick up the boys, the same friend called from the playground at school and asked if the boys could go home with her again.  Bless her heart.  I needed that but would not have asked again so soon!  I stayed at the office for a while to finish a few tasks knowing the boys were having a great time playing with her son.  I got to her house and she asked us to stay for dinner.  We all ate a great meal and went home for a great sleep.

The next favor from a friend came on Saturday.  Actually, Mojo called in that favor.  I had to meet a client at the office at 2 PM so he could sign some documents I needed on Monday.  I could not find a sitter for the boys, so I told them they had to go with me.  After laying down the 5th or 6th rule of decorum while at the office (play quietly, no fighting, do not interrupt me unless you are bleeding, etc.), Mojo started silently making other plans.  He asked if he could go across the street to say “hello” to our Scottish neighbors who recently made it back to the US.  I said, “sure.”  Next thing I know, Mojo comes in the house and, pleased with himself, tells me that he had told the Scotsman that I was going to leave Baseball Boy and him home alone, and that Scotsman said he would play with them.  I said, “You told him I was going to leave you home alone?”  Knock, knock.  Mojo smiled and said, “yes.”  Knock, knock.  I answered the door to a very concerned Scotsman.  He says, “Mojo says you have to leave them home alone?”  I say, “You know me well enough to know I would not leave them home alone.”  He nodded with a smile of relief.  I continued, “Mojo is stretching the truth to convince you to stay with he and Baseball Boy so they don’t have to go to the office with me.”  He said, “I would be happy to stay with them while you work.”  I explained it wouldn’t be too long.  The boys had sooooo much more fun than they would have at work and I had sooooo much less stress while I  met with my client.  They played soccer, rode scooters and shot basketball with Scotsman.  He stayed and played more after I got home.   What a great guy!

In past years whenever Fisherman went on his annual fishing trip, I would go out to dinner with a single friend and her son.  This year, she got married.  I debated whether to call her.  At the last minute, I decided that the change in relationship should not stop me from calling her.  I rang her up and asked if she, her son and her husband wanted to go to a local sports bar/restaurant with us.  She asked if she could call me right back after talking to the new husband.  She called back and said, “yes” but her husband didn’t want to go if Fisherman wasn’t there.  I acted slightly bummed that he felt that way, but was actually thrilled.  It has been too long since I got to hang out with just her!  We had a great time catching up.  I got to be the old married woman giving advice to the newlywed.  I had not thought of myself as a seasoned married woman before.  Regardless, it was GREAT to see her!

Fisherman is home now.  Again, things are as they should be.  He had a great time with the guys and seems much more relaxed.   Time together is cherished, but time apart is also necessary!


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