Posted by: Calvin | February 10, 2008

Identity Theft?

Tonight I was looking up on our state’s website whether a person who did work for a client had a particular State license.  For yuks, while I was already there, I decided to looked up my husband’s license.  I only entered our last name and his general field.  To my surprise my name came up with my work address saying that I had an “application pending” to be a Certified Building Contractor.  I have never, ever made any such application.  Looks like I will be on the phone for a while tomorrow to get to the bottom of this conundrum!  More to follow . . .



  1. So, what did you find out about this?

  2. I called and was told that “I” made an online application in 2002. They said it has an inactive status and I can fax them a request to remove the information from the website. I do not recall making such an application. I wonder what else my evil twin is applying for online!

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