Posted by: Calvin | February 4, 2008

Superbowl Skipper

super-bowl-logo.gifSuperbowl Sunday we had my parents over for dinner.  They are perfect Superbowl guests.  They arrive early so we can finish eating before the game starts and they leave at halftime.  As soon as they left, I got the boys into bed and decided to retire to the bedroom myself.  I left Fisherman to watch the game on his own, which I am sure he didn’t mind, because he is in his own world when he watches football.  After the game he came in to talk about the big upset.

FM:  “Were you watching the game?”

ME:  “Yes.”

FM:  “Wasn’t it a great game!”

ME:  “Yes, but my favorite part was when you skipped in here and said, ‘This is probably the best Superbowl game ever!'”

FM:  “I wasn’t skipping, I don’t skip.”

Me:  “You skipped!”

FM:  “I don’t Skip!”

ME:  “You skipped!”


ME:  “Okay, my favorite part was when you scurried in here and said ‘This is probably the best Superbowl game ever!'”

FM:  “That’s better.  Wasn’t it a great game?”

ME:  “Yes, Skipper, it was a great game!”



  1. LOL! Skipper eh? I love it. I often accuse my man of giggling – he doesn’t accept that very well either 🙂

  2. ROTFLMAO! Imagining FM skipping is like imagining WineGuy skipping. Too hilarious to consider while drinking anything! Will you change his pseudonym to Skipper, now, or just buy him a blue captain’s hat, a la “Gilligan’s Island”???

  3. Skipper says he doesn’t giggle!

  4. […] I remember posting on someone’s blog that I was not interested in the Olympics except as background noise.  Next thing I knew, I was DVR’ing one station and watching the other, staying up way too late and getting way too personally involved.  When the pole vaulter woman’s coach was yelling at her after she won a silver medal, I found myself yelling at him half way across the world and several time zones away and threatening to “send him an e-mail to tell him what a jerk he is!”  To which my husband, just chuckled and said, “Yea, you do that!”  (I guess he finds ‘ics funny – as in irrational hysterics – so will I when the roles are reversed during football season!) […]

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