Posted by: Calvin | February 3, 2008

Baseball, Past Meets Present, Move 2008


Baseball has started and my plan to walk during the practices has been sidelined.  Believe it or not, I have been serving as an assistant coach for my son’s team.  The Managing Coach is new and apparently has not been indoctrinated into the “male coach only” mindset of the league (I am sure I will be rostered as “Team Mom”).  I am active on the field and definitely break a sweat playing Super Pickle at the end of practice.  I coached many girls teams in my past, so I actually can be of help.  Seeing the Managing Coach is new to our division in the league, he will also need lots of political, practical and tactical advice.  I spent last year watching and soaking it all in.  I am ready to put the lessons from my observations to work!


Meanwhile, at practice yesterday one the other assistant coaches, a dad of course, was giving one to one batting lessons to the boys, while the main Coach was doing infield practice.  Main Coach had things pretty well covered, so I was just hanging out.  Batting coach, henceforth “BW”, called me over to help him.  I dutifully complied.  As we were  assisting a young player BW says, “You look very familiar.”  Nervously, I say, “Do I?” while trying to determine if he looks familiar to me also.  He says, “Yes, . . . are you a lawyer?”  I say, “Yes.”  “From Michigan?”, he adds.  “Yes,” I reply.  He does not look familiar to me . . . why does he know this . . . why does he remember this . . . then he says “You used to go to *neighborhood bar* with your brother.”  Oh my goodness, is this Candid Camera (I date myself, I mean Punked).  I am looking around to see if I am being filmed.  There were no cameras.  Knowing the shock and surprise is clearly on my face, I had no choice but to say, “Yes, but I am not sure I like where this is going.”  He laughs and says, “I used to tend bar there.  I just remember you and your brother coming in while I was tending bar.”  He is right.  however, this goes back about 15 – 20 years.  Before I lived in Florida, I would visit my parents here.  Often my brother would be down at the same time.  We loved this little neighborhood bar down by the water.  It was a bit touristy, but we didn’t care, we were technically tourists.  We did have a good time.  My brother is a funny guy and together we were a bit of a comedy act.  Of course, as soon as I left the baseball practice I called my brother and we had a big chuckle over this one.

MOVE 2008:

So, technically, I have started moving more, but not to the extent that I would like to.  My goal is to participate in Move 08 more actively in a couple of months.  I note that most of you are on a calendar year physical year.  My physical year usually begins in May or June.  The part of the country Where I live has a very seasonal work year.  We work hard and earn as much money as we can January through April so that we can relax some the rest of the year.  So, the time of year that I say “I really need to focus on getting healthier” is around May.  So bear with me fellow Move08ers, I am just a few months behind you at this point.  Plus, I am sure between now and May I can think of many other excuses or rationalizations for not exercising enough!



  1. You and me Calvin — you and me. We’ll start moving together in May(ish).

  2. Assistant coach? Are you out of your damned mind?

  3. […] MSU Spartan has started a blog aptly named gogreengowhite.  He is the same brother that leaves neighborhood bartenders with lasting impressions.  He has great political insight.  Many of his political predictions over the years have come […]

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