Posted by: Calvin | February 1, 2008

Useless is Popular in Politics

People do many different things while they watch political speeches.  Some people read (Nancy Pelosi), some people sleep (Ted Kennedy), some people nod their heads (Supreme Court Justices), other people blog (me).  My recent post “Useless Observations – State of the Union Address” is getting A LOT of hits with Google searches.  


Mostly, people really want to know what Nancy Pelosi was reading during the speech.  After doing my own Google search, I determined it was most likely a program handed out to those in attendence with a copy of the speech.  Dick Cheney had one also, but he was not fiddling with it, flipping pages, in plain sight, over and over again, on national television.  Perhaps Cheney’s experience sitting behind the President year after year already taught him that the camera catches everything he does back there.   He sat still so our attention could focus on the distracting behavior of Pelosi . . . who, yes, wore purple!

Note to Nancy Pelosi:  Should you continue as the Speaker of the House and find yourself behind the President during the State of the Union Address again . . . don’t read the program, sit still and please,  . . . wear red! 

Oh . . . and try not to blink so much . . . people might make fun of you . . .


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