Posted by: Calvin | February 1, 2008

New Blog

Baseball Boy asked to have his own blog.  We added a new blog to my current account called Thoughts of a Third Grader.   I haven’t worked out some of the details.  For example, his posts show they are authored by Calvin, which is me (and true in part, so far he dictates and I type).  We will see if this is a passing phase or if we can add it to the list of the things he enjoys doing before I spend too much more time setting it up.  At least for tonight, he is very excited and went to sleep thinking about topics for future posts.  He gave me a big smile as I kissed him good night and asked, “Mama, do you think anyone will leave a comment?”  So if you have time, please check out his first post and let him know you saw it!  Thanks!


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