Posted by: Calvin | January 31, 2008

The Ultimate Undecided Vote – Poll This!

Florida held its primary yesterday.  For the first time in my voter eligible years, I was “Undecided” when I woke up on election day.  I found this quite troubling.  I cherish my right to vote and I intended to exercise that right.  But, if I had gotten this far and was “Undecided,” then what could happen in the next 11+ hours to help me make up my mind?

7:45 am – While driving to school, I asked my sons who they thought I should vote for. 

Baseball Boy (BB) – “How about that lady?  I don’t think there has ever been a lady President.”

Me – “You mean Hillary Clinton.”

BB – “Yes, her.”

Me – “I think it is great that you would like a woman to be President some day, but I can’t vote for her.”

BB – “Why?”

Me – “Because Florida is a closed primary state.  I am a registered Republican so I have to vote for a Republican candidate.  But, even if I could vote for her, I wouldn’t.  She and I have very different ideas about the role that government should play in our lives.  We disagree as to how our country should be run.  So even though she is a woman, I do not think that she is the right woman for the job.”

MoJo – “So who are the choices?”

Me – “Giuliani, Romney, McCain, Paul or Huckabee”

Mojo – “Vote for Romney, Mom.”

Me – “Why?”

Mojo – “Rrrrrrrrr. Republican. Rrrrrrrrr. Romney.”

BB – Yeah, vote for Rrrrrrrrromney.

Me – “Okay.”

Fast forward to 6:35 PM, 25 minutes before the polls close.  I am driving BB home from his first little league baseball practice and remember I still need to vote.  BB and I find my Precinct at the local Moose lodge.  We enter without the need to state the password or give a secret handshake.  BB is thrilled.  I told him that seeing he and Mojo had picked a candidate, he should just go ahead and cast my ballot.  BB graciously accepts my condition that he must vote the way I tell him to on a local proposition. 

I prove I am who I say I am.  We head over to the electronic voting booth and BB gets instructions from the poll worker as to how to work the touch screen.   We are left alone to vote.  BB works the machine flawlessly.  We got to the Republican candidate screen.  BB nearly pushes “Paul, Ron” I asked him if he is sure.  He looks again and questions why there are two Rrrrrrrrr candidates.  I explain I only mentioned the last names in the car.  He looks says, “Mojo and I decided to vote for Rrrrrrromney!”  He selects Rrrrrrromney on the list then dutifully votes as instructed on the local issue.  He reviews “his” ballot and enthusiastically pushes the flashing red “Vote” button to submit “his” vote. 

Ta Da . . . I abstained, yet my cherished right to vote was exercised!  I wonder what category the pollsters would use for me?



  1. BB nearly pushes “Paul, Ron” I asked him if he is sure. He looks again and questions why there are to Rrrrrrrrr candidates.

    I would never vote for either of those TWO. It baffles me how you are voting republican. Please explain why you are. The majority of people I know voting republican this election are uninformed, and they reason they aren’t voting Obama because of some fictitious statement like Obama is muslim.

  2. Your query shows a narrow minded lack of understanding as to basic differences in the mindset of a conservative vs. a liberal. As stated in this post, I have a very different view of the role that government should play in our lives. The religion that Obama practices or not is irrelvant to me. Obama lost me completely with his liberal/socialist agenda which is nearly opposite of my positions.

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