Posted by: Calvin | January 29, 2008

Democrats’ Voices Silenced in Florida and Michigan

“Thank you for voting.  Your vote was absolutely useless.” –  This is the message that the Democratic National Committee is sending Democrats in Florida and Michigan by refusing to acknowledge their vote.

I am proud that Florida, the state I call home, and Michigan, my birth state, both took a stand and set their primaries early in the voting season.  I am tired of small states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina getting the first shot at the election process, including the economic influx from the barrage of campaigners and media that visit the state and spend money while they are there.  Now that this Yankee transplant is a Southerner, I declare it is all about State’s rights!  Each state should be able to hold their primary when they are good and ready to hold it.  DNC be damned! 

As a Republican, I am thrilled that the DNC has taken this position.  Florida has demonstrated that its role in national politics can be pivotal to the outcome of elections.  Michigan is not an insignificant state either!  I have heard a number of Florida Democrats vowing to vote Republican in the 2008 general election to avenge being summarily dismissed by their party in the primaries.  The DNC may have bitten themselves in the behind with this stance . . . particularly if a moderate Republican candidate is on the ticket.



  1. I do think the ball may have been dropped by the DNC also. It will be interesting to see how the year plays out. I still love Florida–glad I left the cold northern midwest!

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