Posted by: Calvin | January 26, 2008

Clinton Sabotage?

Is it just me or does it seem like Bill Clinton is sabotaging Hillary’s chance at the Presidency?  Bill has not been an asset to Hillary’s campaign in the last few weeks.  At a crucial time in her campaign, as she was really picking up steam and enjoying success in the early primaries, he started behaving badly.  It seems the increased possibility that Hillary may be elected President has had a porpotionately negative affect on Bill’s male ego (or super ego), causing him to do stupid things to quash her momentum.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, I think he can’t handle the possibility that Hillary might be the next President.


  1. Whatever his motivation, you are so right about the impact. Clearly he only knows how to campaign for himself. Now I understand why the Gore camp kept he away!!!

  2. If you read their biographies you will see how the Clintons are playing the game of politics that they learned. It just back fired on them this time.

  3. […] would be as much the president as would Hillary. I bought into this for a time, but now I think Bill might be sabotaging Hillary’s […]

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