Posted by: Calvin | January 24, 2008


My son has allergies, so he takes Zyrtec at night before bed.  It seems to help him.  He used to spend most of the day at school sniffling and rubbing his nose.  Now he doesn’t do that.  If we run out, he says he can tell the difference.  We ran out three to four days ago.  I called in the presciption refill, but forgot to pick it up.  Those nights he took a different over-the-counter allergy medicine, but he says he likes the Zyrtec better.  Tonight, in the nick of time, I remembered we needed to pick up the prescription and, of course, Fisherman offered to go the store (which very kind gesture actually turned out to be a good excuse to hit the drive-thru DQ – he had a coupon for a free Blizzard 😉 – but I digress).  While the pharmacist’s assistant was ringing up our order for the $30 insurance co-pay, Fisherman saw an over-the-counter Zyrtec near the check-out.  He looked closer and it was the same thing he was buying.  He asked the price for the same strength and quantity he was buying.  The assistant said $22.86 and handed him the $30 co-pay receipt.  Sometimes I feel so lucky to be insured!


Lottery Update:  For those of you wondering whether we won the lottery . . . I have no idea.  Fisherman still hasn’t checked the ticket.  Though I have not read or heard about the winning ticket having been bought at the Circle K near us, so there is a better than good chance that if we are winners, we are not big winners!  Back to work . . .


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