Posted by: Calvin | January 23, 2008

Maybe I’ll Quit My Job Tomorrow

My husband is an “early to bed, eary to rise” person.  He is also a bit of an optimist.  Normally at 9:15 PM he is already in bed.  Tonight at 9:15 PM he remembered that he did not buy a lottery ticket for tonight’s drawing.  He asked, “Should I go buy a lottery ticket?”  I replied, “If you think you are going to win, go for it.”  He said, “Well it is up to $20,000,000!”  So off he went to Circle K to buy one lottery ticket.  Yes, one ticket for one chance to win.  Of course, if the jackpot was JUST $1,000,000, he would have gone straight to bed.  No doubt about it!

Chances are we will be millionaires by tomorrow morning.  Most people say they would quit their jobs if they won the lottery.  I am not so sure I would do that . . . at least not right away.  Here is what I would do right away:

  • Pay off most of our debt – except for some low interest mortgages and a no interest car loan.
  • Pay off my parents and in-laws’ mortgages (maybe take back a mortgage or just make the monthy payments for them).
  • Buy a houseboat for weekend trips around South Florida – one with a slide off the back and a place to haul Jet-skis.
  • Buy a DVR and prepare to turn in the piece of crap DVR we rent from Comcast after I am done watching the shows I have saved on it – it locks up and has to reboot every other time I try to watch a saved program.  (I would trade it in now, but I have lots of shows I want to watch.  Thanks to the writers’ strike, I may run out of shows soon and decide to take pleasure in dropping it off!)
  • Take a trip to the United Kingdom this summer to visit our British, Scottish and Welsh friends – with no complaints about the horrendous exchange rate!  (Then Fisherman would be forced to go get his passport photos taken to finally renew his passport.)
  • Fire a few P.I.T.A. clients (I might do that anyway!)
  • Go back to having an unlisted telephone number – I understand that when you win the lottery you get lots of calls from “deserving charities” and long lost “friends” (I might do that anyway also!).
  • Put the rest of the money into a family trust or trusts set up by an excellent T&E attorney.

I don’t think we would change much.  We would just try to eliminate some of our stress . . . and play more!


  1. So, are you rich yet? My favorite “if I won the lottery” comment was from a teacher I worked with in Houston. She said she wouldn’t quit teaching, she’d just buy her very own copy machine so that she could make as many copies as her heart desired. And, she said she’d even let us use it if we were nice to her. 🙂

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