Posted by: Calvin | January 20, 2008

Bun Warmer – Add It To The List of Underappreciated Stuff

It is cold in South Florida tonight.  54 degrees F at the moment.  As I left the movie theater this evening, the chill in the air invaded my person.  I got in my car, sat on the cold seat and actually turned on my seat heater.  It works!  It is awesome!  I could have used the bun warmer option when I lived in Michigan or even Georgia.  Who would have thought I would develop an appreciation for seat heaters in South Florida?

So now I am home watching the Packers v. Giants playoff game at Green Bay where they are subjected to single digit temperatures with negative double digit wind chill.  I bet the crowd would greatly appreciate seat heaters right about now . . . it is overtime . . . field goal attempt . . . Giants win!  Darn it!


  1. 54 degrees????? bun warmer??????

    WHAT A WUSS!!!!


    Lifelong Illinoisian — who has never had a car with a bun warmer.

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