Posted by: Calvin | January 19, 2008

Underappreciated Stuff

On the tag surfer I found a blog written by a married father in the Midwest that I find enjoyable:  The Everyman blog.  He got my attention with a very touching post about his young daughter and her habit of skipping everywhere she went.  Undoubtedly, until now, he probably is unaware that I am lurking out here reading what he has to say on regular basis, which got me thinking . . . is lurking like stalking?  I decided no.  In case “Everyman” is reading this, I assure you that I am very happily married woman with kids of my own living a LONG way away from you! 

I read because Everyman often posts about baseball, which I need to learn more about to keep up with my son, and I can only handle so much Sports Center.  I also enjoy reading what a seemingly stable, family oriented, reasonable, professional, male person has to say about life in general. 

A recent post on The Everyman Blog was titled “Underappreciated Stuff”.  He got me thinking of underappreciated stuff in my life.

  • Board Games.  What a great way to actually spend time with people talking, laughing and just being together.  We have many board games and rarely play them.
  • Slurpees.  It is hot a lot where I live.  There is nothing better than a Coke Slurpee on a hot afternoon.
  • Electric Pencil Sharpeners.  GM gave me and electric pencil sharpener for Christmas in 2006.  We used it everyday, but after a while it just wasn’t the same.  The beginning of the end was probably when I dropped it on the tile floor and had to use Scotch tape to keep it together.  I bought myself another electric pencil sharpener for Christmas this year and — oh MAN — it is awesome.  I challenge you to find a dull pencil in my house!
  • Spell Check.  This feature is often taken for granted.  For some reason, my home e-mail program does not have it.  I am a VERY bad speller.  I found that when I sent an e-mail from home, I would have to change an entire sentence when I got to a word I did not know how to spell (and was too lazy to get a dictionary or go to a dictionary website – in part because it is not always easy to find a word in the dictionary it you do not know how to spell it!)  Sometimes I hit send and cross my fingers, other times I log onto my work computer to use my work e-mail which has spell check.  Using my Blackberry – – forget it.  I have unilaterally made a universal rule that spelling doesn’t count on mobile devices. 
  • The Everyman blog.  Go to his blog and leave a comment!  AND – I have to agree with him completely on the next item, which I shamelessly copy from his list . . .
  • Lunch Dates with My Husband.  Time away from work.  No need for a babysitter.  Excellent points.  Thanks to Everyman, I will have a greater appreciation for lunch dates with my husband!

I am sure I will come up with more and ADD IT TO THE LIST later!


  1. Thanks very much for the kind words, Calvin, you just officially made my blogroll. (And don’t worry, I never suspected you of being a stalker. :))

    Excellent additions to the list of underappreciated stuff, particularly the kind words about Slurpees. I am the scorekeeper for my son’s baseball team, and there is nothing more satisfying to me than sitting in the stands on a warm summer night and cheering on the kids, with a pencil for marking the score book in one hand and an ice-cold Coke Slurpee in the other.

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