Posted by: Calvin | January 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Garage Guy!

Garage Guy turned 70 this week.  Tonight we will celebrate his 7 decade life with a dinner party GM has organized for him.  Fisherman and I are honored to be included in the small gathering of people that are important to him.

In celebration of his life, dear friends of his gave him the most wonderful gift.  They put together a photo album documenting his life and those that love him.  GM sent a letter to many people who know him from different stages in his life.  They were asked to send pictures, notes and stories for the project to the dear friends in Georgia. 

The dear friends arrived yesterday after a two day drive to persoanlly present their gift and to attend his birthday dinner.  Yesterday about 4:00 PM the neighbors were sure to gather on Garage Guy’s driveway for our late afternoon wind down.  We knew that the dear freinds would be arriving to surprise Garage Guy.  He was shocked and emotionally touched to see them arrive in his driveway with balloons hanging out of their car windows. 

It got better when they decided to give Garage Guy the albums – yes albums due to the large response – at the driveway gathering.  There were black and white pictures of Garage Guy as a boy sent by his sister, notes from former work colleagues, well wishes from current Shriner buddies, notes and pictures from his kids, greetings and memories from people all aroung the country and from least 4 other countries. 

I included the following note from me:

It was a lucky day when you moved into the pink house across the street! As a twenty something single girl, I had no idea how the years would unfold and what a large part you would play in my life. You have been there for me through many major life events: building my office, the 100 year flood, getting married, Baseball Boys’s birth, losing my Grandma, Mojo’s birth, two years of constant hurricanes, . . .. All along you generously shared your wisdom and well wishes. Thank you for all you have done and for being a steadfast friend.  

For fun, Fisherman and I wrote and submitted the following – we know from the response to the album request that we were right on with our answer for Q!

The A B C s of  “Garage Guy”

A – Able Fixer

B – Beer Drinker

C – Collector

D – Driveway Socializer

E – Everything Engineer

F – Flintstone

G – Garage Guy

H – Hungry Squirrel Feeder

I – Igniter of Bonfires

J – Jester

K – Kilt Wearer

L – Lover of Cats

M – Moose Member

N – Neighborhood Watcher

O – Often Outside

P – Palm Tree Planter

Q – Quintessential Friend

R – Really Good Neighbor

S – Shriner

T – Talker

U – Universal Part Supplier

V – Very Helpful

W – Wonderful Wood Worker

X – XXL Heart

Y – Yankee

Z – Zealous Liver of Life



  1. Your and Fisherman’s participation in this project was invaluable. The time (your most precious gift of all) you spent with the alphabet and combing through files and files of photos left Garage Guy speechless (if you can imagine THAT!) He has commented several times about your contribution.
    Thanks for being a part of this. You also set a mean table.
    Love ya.

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