Posted by: Calvin | January 11, 2008

Little League Baseball Try-Outs

Little League Baseball has officially commenced.  Tonight Baseball Boy had his 9 year old “Clinic” and on Monday he will have his “Try-Outs”.  There were over 50 9 year olds out on the field.  There were also about 25 coaches, of which only about 6 looked like they were actually participating.  I guess the others were sizing up the players, taking notes in anticipation of the draft that will occur next Friday.  That day will determine which boys are Majors, Triple A or Double A players.  I doubt that many, if any, 9 year olds will be selected for the Majors.  The primary split will be those that go to Triple A and those that go to Double A.  Mojo’s 7 year old clinic is next Satruday.  I guess the better of those kids will fill in the bottom spots in the Double A league and the rest will go to Single A.

Our current conundrum is that Baseball Boy may be chosen for Triple A this year.  We do not know what to do if that happens.  He wants to play Double A again.  He thinks that if he is in Double A he will get to play all the time and get his choice of positions to play.  He would also like to be the star player!  Also, we are so hoping that both boys will be on the same team for once!  I have little doubt that Mojo by age and skill set is firmly within the Double A league. 

We have been advised to let the coaches decide where Baseball Boy should play and to live with their decision.  Many others tell us to go with the convenience of one team regardless.  Who knows what we should do??  I suppose we can just cross that bridge when we get there.  Any seasoned little league parents out there reading who have advice to share?



  1. I wish I had great wisdom for you. Our house only plays soccer (My rule is one sport a year.). There were years where everyone was on a different team–which meant 4 different games a week. It was a whole lot easier when 2 finally were able to be on the same team. Good luck and enjoy the season!

  2. My Grandson Just Turn 13 On June 30.He Plays Short Stop.Batting Average .600. Fielding Percentage.900 Is It T Late To Try Out For Contending Team In Tn.

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