Posted by: Calvin | January 8, 2008

Witch? Communist? Steroid User?

In my house, like it or not, you are regularly exposed to Sports Center.  Over and over this evening I heard Roger Clemens get increasingly irritated at the media hounds who questioned him about his alleged steroid use.  His pleas of innocence reminded me of the pleas of innocence in other eras of those accused of practicing witchcraft and communism.  It seems that the media has gone overboard at trying to ruin careers and belittle significant athletic accomplishments of many sports figures in this century, just like prominent politicians and business people were brought down as being purported members of the communist party in the previous century and innocent women were stone for being witches in the century before that. 

Roger Clemens is innocent until he is proven guilty.  I have not seen proof of guilt.  Therefore, in my mind at this point in time, he is innocent.  That said, even if at some point in his long career he intentionally took or was given steroids by those he trusted . . . part of me says, “so what?”  If I took steroids, I could not display an iota of the athleticism that Roger Clemens has demonstrated over the years.  Generally, I do not condone the use of drugs for any purpose other than medicinal purposes, but I do not think that an athlete should be cast out and asside on the lone fact that there was steroid use in his or her past. 

Do not get me wrong, as a parent raising young impressionable budding athletes, I do not appreciate these sports hero’s as role models who intentionally use illegal drugs or illegally use legal drugs.  Keep in mind, however, that many steroids can be used legally and for many years there were no rules within the specific sports that prohibited steroid use.  Before as a society we tarnish reputations and accuse our sports heroes of being witches or communists or steroid users, we need to step back and lighten up a little. 



  1. da da. da da da!

    Yeah, ESPN is on constantly in my house too 🙂

    Major League Baseball as a whole has handled this whole thing so darn poorly that I no longer even care. The owners turned the other way and swept this under the rug as long as they could because they loved the money that things like the ’98 home run race generated. Consequently, steroids flourished.

    As to Clemens, I would me more inclined to believe him IF Andy Pettite had not come out and admitted his use. Since the story is that Clemens introduced the idea to Pettite – I just have to wonder if there isn’t more to the Clemens situation.
    Either way, you are right – it should not take away from his accomplishments.

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