Posted by: Calvin | January 2, 2008

Elementary My Dear Watson

I clicked on a blog link on a blogroll of a blog friend and saw that the linked blog’s blogger had clicked on a link to test the blog’s reading level based upon the blogger’s vocabulary as blogged.  (Say that five times fast! . . . Anyways . . .) That blog, like mine, was rated “Elementary”. The rating was not a surprise. The surprise came when I went to paste the code for the test result jpg into a new surely to be self-degrading post (which turned into this post).  I discovered that embedded in the code that was copied, pasted, then deleted was the following (less the ***s which I have added as a distraction to “them” from finding my blog):  . . . ///bb/reading_level/elementary_school . . . ca*sh adv*ance . . . “ht*tp://*www*.ca*sh*adva*nce*1500*.c*om”>Pa*yd*ay Lo*ans< . . ..   AHA, the hidden wonders of the Internet! I wonder what the ca*sh adv*ance folks do with information they gather from the blogosphere?  Not from my blog . . . not this post, at least.



  1. Seems to me that indicates that you certainly deserve a rating higher than “elementary” 🙂 Good catch!

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