Posted by: Calvin | December 15, 2007

Christmas Citrus?

In the last couple of days the gifts from out of town relatives have started arriving.  My to-do item for tomorrow is to decide what we will send to them this year and to get them posted early next week.  I have one family almost done.  A few years back, SIL and I agreed that we would send each other’s young children each a book and a gift card.  That way they have a present to open under the tree and a gift card that they can use in the summer when they are less overwhelmed and will enjoy a new toy or two.  This year I happened upon a local author book signing event and bought each an autographed book.  I already have their gift cards, so I just need to wrap, pack and ship.   The others all have older children or no children at home.  For the past 3-4 years we have sent those out of town relatives a citrus package.   Here is the dilemma . . . we don’t know whether it is a gift they enjoy or whether they say, “oh geez, another citrus package!  Thank you very little!”  The packages are not cheap so I don’t want to waste the money if it is not enjoyed.  If we ask them they say they like receiving the fruit.  They say they do, but I don’t know if they are just being polite.  I am fairly certain that my side of the family in Michigan truly enjoys a burst of Florida sunshine in the midst of winter, but I have no idea if Fisherman’s family feels the same way.  Fisherman’s theory is just to send it because it is easy!  I have decided to conduct an unscientific poll . . . What do you think?  Would your family welcome the gift of oranges? 


Christmas Countdown update:  12/14/2007 – 11 days to go – I got a number of tasks crossed off my list at work this week and feel a bit better about the prospect of having over 2 weeks with the boys out of school.  We took the boys to Toys-R-Us tonight so they could browse the isles for:  1) a gift for each other [we will actually purchase it later to preserve the secret], and 2) items for their own lists.  It was fun.  They both want some board games and the delightful find of the evening – a Pogo stick!  My parents have agreed to watch the boys tomorrow night so Fisherman and I can get most of our shopping done.  Ring-a-ding-ding!  Christmas spirit is 4 out of 10 tonight!



  1. Really *GOOD* citrus?? Send it my way. PLEASE

  2. I live in Tampa now, but when we lived in Wisconsin I would have *loved* a nice box of fresh oranges and grapefruit! Grocery store citrus is not of great quality up there this time of year.

  3. Absolutely, we’d love fresh citrus. Our oranges here during the winter are just not the same.

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