Posted by: Calvin | December 11, 2007

Family Business Woes

Last week I fired a client with whom I have enjoyed a 9+ year relationship.  Today I took a call from the President of the corporation who wanted to understand why.   It was a difficult conversation.  This client had been one of my favorite clients and I particularly enjoyed working with this President.  He taught me a lot.  There is little that I can say here due to the rules of confidentiality I am bound to follow.  Let’s just say that we own two businesses.  I run one, my husband runs the other.  In my view, the former client through its Board and manager took advantage of its relationship with the company I run to the detriment of the company my husband runs.  I know it is “business”, notwithstanding it felt like swift kick in my gut.  I toiled over the decision to end the relationship.  In the end I decided that my trust had been compromised to an untenable condition.  With the trust missing, the relationship would not be the same again.  It was what I needed to do, but it still sucked!


Christmas Countdown update:  12/11/2007 – 14 days to go – I am back down to a 1 out of 10 on the Christmas spirit scale.  This whole situation is having a negative impact on me and my mood.  I am dreading another negative work related matter I need to deal with tomorrow morning.  When that is over I hope my mood will get better .  On days like these I wish I had an hourly job that I could leave behind when the door hits me in the a** at the end of my shift!



  1. We talked about this this morning. Your decision was sound, and you did the right thing.

    On the Xmas front, I’ll make you an offer: you buy all your presents, and I’ll wrap them for you. I’m really good at it. I love to do it, too. I can come over one evening to your house, or — better yet — throw everything in your car and come over here. That way, none of your boys will see anything. BYO Christmas paper, otherwise everything will say “Happy Hanukkah” on it! 🙂

  2. […] know there are people out there struggling to get in the Christmas spirit. I’ll admit that the recent ice storm here has thrown a kink into my preparations, but […]

  3. Geeze, I’d have trouble coming up with Christmas spirit after a day like that too!

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