Posted by: Calvin | December 10, 2007

I found a “Home” and a “Name” at “You Tube”

I visited You Tube today for the first time (not counting times that I have clicked on a link resulting from someone else’s visit to You Tube).  Here is what prompted my first intentional You Tube visit.  

I had heard a song on XM’s “Mix” channel several times.  All I knew is that it was a song about going home and I was mesmerized by the voice of the man who sang it.  For some reason, I have one of the only satellite radios ever made that does not display the artist’s name when a song plays, so I have been trying for months to figure out who sings that song so I could buy the CD.  My husband is usually pretty good with such mysteries.  I explained the song to him, but he was no help.  In fact he was less than helpful this time.  A few weeks ago, the whole family went to a local book/music store to pick up a book club book.  We decided to browse the music section.  I spent at least 30 minutes listening to every CD that had a male singer in the 20 – 50 age range.  I recall being within a few feet of the “bingo” listen, but my husband said, “It can’t be that guy, he just sings old songs . . . Sinatra type stuff.”  So I passed right over the CD for which I was so methodically searching.  Then this morning, in a rare Sunday moment, I had about 10 spare minutes without anyone in the house pestering me to do something and I actually was able to watch the CBS Sunday Morning show.  I tuned in during a piece they did on a young man with a wonderful voice from Canada.  It was the clearly the guy my husband convinced me to skip over at the book/music store who did remakes of old Sinatra songs.  His voice sounded remarkably familiar.  The pestering began again and I missed his name.  When the piece was over, I was pestered by not knowing the name of the singer, so I went on-line to the CBS website to find his name.  It was too soon after the airing.  The information on the piece was not there yet.  The light bulb illuminated above my head, I hit the “Info” button on the remote, and there it was . . . Michael Buble’.   So, I Googled him.  Google directed me to You Tube and . . . ta da . . . I finally found the song titled, oddly enough, “Home”.

Maybe if I had less items added to my list, I would have time to kill on You Tube and I would have found it faster.

Another down side to having a radio that does not reveal the artist’s name, is when Baseball Boy asks me, “Who sings this song, Mom?” I often have no idea.  A running joke is that when I don’t know the name of an artist or group, I respond, “It’s The Goo Goo Dolls!” At You Tube today I figured out that, while The Goo Goo Dolls is not always the right group name, The Goo Goo Dolls is the right name of the the group that performs “Name”.

Go figure!


Christmas Countdown Update – 12/09/07 – 16 days to go:  The Christmas tree is up.  The first batch of Christmas cookies has been made and only a few are left.  I bought my Mom a present and hid a few each for the boys . . . some in plain sight (which is a bonus derived from having too much stuff in the house . . . okay, it is about the only bonus derived from having too much stuff in the house)!  I have moved from Christmas spirit of 1 out of 10 to 3 out of 10. 



  1. Glad to hear that you’re making progress on the Christmas spirit chart!

  2. I had never heard of this guy either until I watched “CBS Sunday Morning” today. DH has heard of the guy. Go figure. If you get the CD, can I copy it into my computer??

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