Posted by: Calvin | December 10, 2007

Christmas Past – the music

When I was still single digit years old, I had a small Christmas tree in my bedroom.  I would light it up and listen to Christmas albums on my record player for hours.  I had some choice albums by some choice artists:

  • Brady Bunch (No joke – each Brady kid had a solo.  Jan’s was the best.)
  • Partridge Family (Not as good as the Brady Bunch – the TV show wasn’t as good either!)
  • Chipmunks (In small doses even then.)
  • Neil Diamond (I never understood this one – isn’t he Jewish?)
  • Robert Goulet (And . . . my brother’s friend was his nephew!)
  • The Carpenters (Timeless!)

I am not sure what happened to all of those old albums.  If I could have any of them today, I would have to go with the Robert Goulet album.  The Carpenters is a close second, but you can still hear a number of their songs from the album on the radio. 


My favorite single artist Christmas CD in my collection today is easily Luther Vandross.  We listen to his CD all season.  The boys and I enjoy his rendition of “My Favorite Things”, which is not exactly a Christmas Carol, but it works!  I couldn’t find that one on-line, but here is one of the other tracks from the album:

You can take the girl out of Detroit . . .

What is your favorite Christmas music?


Christmas Countdown update:  12/10/2007 – 15 days to go – Still a 3 out of 10.  The Christmas music reminiscing is helping, but I still feel overwhelmed!




  1. The Chipmunks on 8 track figured heavily into my childhood holiday seasons! Actually, we loved it so much, we used to listen to it whenever we were visiting my grandparents who for some reason were the owners of this particular album. As a mother, I am now understanding why that was…

    Current favorites are the holday albums from Barenaked Ladies and the one that the cast of Ally McBeal put out. The last one is surprisingly good. 🙂

  2. Boy, you’re old: record players? Brady Bunch? Chipmunks? Not to worry, I’m older than you are.

    You got a problem with my tribe-member, Neil Diamond singing Xmas songs? There are those around town who claim their “boss was a Jewish carpenter”. Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Jewish tradesman anywhere.

    My favorite Christmas songs are “O Holy Night” and Schubert’s “Ave Maria,” esp. when my friend, Birdie, is singing them.

  3. I had that Chipmunks Christmas album! It was my favorite!


    And I had it on vinyl too. So nanny nanny boo boo to the 8-track generation!

  4. Well, I must blame my mom for this, but, it just isn’t Christmas until I hear Andy Williams ;->

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