Posted by: Calvin | December 1, 2007

Pathetic Display of Patriotism

These are the states I have visited:

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I did not include the states we drove through when I was in elementary school and my mom, grandma and I picked up an old Cadilac my parents inherited from my great aunt in California (a car litterally driven “by a little old lady from Pasadena”).  I would have had to call my Mom to verify the path we took, so I did not think those states should count. I do remember being in Reno and getting in trouble because I stood too close to a slot machine (just dying to pull the lever) and I think I saw the arch in St. Louis.  I did include, however, Tennessee and Kentucky which I mainly have just driven through (perhaps stopped for gas, food and a restroom break) while I traversed I-75 from Michigan to Georgia and/or Florida.   I have made that trip many, many times.  Also, I remember being a very small child at the Grand Ole Opry.  I fell asleep at the show – my Dad frequently reminded me of that fact in the following years.  Many of the other red states on my map are states where I have similarly spent minimal quality time.  Like Washington where Fisherman and I stayed two nights in Seattle at the front and back of our honeymoon train tour through the Canadian Rockies.

I am embarrassed that I am in my 40s and I have seen so little of the country I love.  As a political conservative, it also pains me to see so few “Red States” on my USA map.  I gets even worse when you see the map showing I have travelled through more of Western Europe than I have through the USA:

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My USA travels are pathetic.  On the bright side. . . at least I visited Europe while there was a decent exchange rate!


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