Posted by: Calvin | November 30, 2007

It’s Time Wii Shop

Today at the bagel shop with friends, I found out that the Wii video gaming system has a game that teaches how to play the guitar.  Mojo asks daily for guitar lessons.  It also has a baseball game that Baseball Boy would enjoy.  So it sounds like a great gift for the boys to share.  Of course, I am Wii brained on this topic and figured I could just stop by Best Buy or Toys R Us and pick one up.  NOT!  My first clue that this might be a difficult purchase was when one of my bagel friends called me at 10:30 AM this morning to tell me that one of the Super Walmarts by us had 5 systems left.  I was in the middle of working on one of the many files on my desk screaming for attention, so I dismissed the urgency of the situation.  Now they are gone and shop clerks are holding back the laughs when I call to see if they have the Wii console available.  I will not be Wiinied (rhymes with denied)!  I have a new task added to my list!



  1. I am joining you in this quest!

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