Posted by: Calvin | November 27, 2007

Fine Fishing

This weekend at the fish camp we decided to stay close to home.  It was a great decision.  On Saturday, we started the day with 6 dozen shrimp on the boat and proceeded to catch more than 50 fish in the first 2-3 hours . . .  dsc05587.jpg

. . . about 500 feet from our back door!  After about a half hour of great fishing, some retired neighbors from Cape Cod joined us on the boat.  They had a great time watching the boys fish and were a great help keeping bait on their hooks!  When we ran out of shrimp, we all ventured out to the beach at the Gulf of Mexico.  I collected seashells with Cape Cod Lady, Fisherman caught bait fish with his cast net with Cape Cod man looking on and the boys explored for crabs and starfish.  Just before we left the beach, Mojo found a starfish and held it up for us all to see.  He giggled while it tickled his palm.   He layed it in Cape Cod Lady’s palm so it could tickle her too.  Then he carefully returned it to its home.  We fished some on the way home, but it was not nearly as great as our backyard, nor as intriguing as the birds, manatee and dolphin we spotted along the way.

On Sunday, we bought 6 dozen more shrimp up at the marina.  Fisherman and Baseball Boy started without Mojo and me.  We stayed back to play pool and do laundry.  I took this picture from our back door while they fished.  When the fish started biting again (about an hour after the tide started to flow back inland), they came over to pick us up at the dock and we all fished for a couple of hours.   The fishing was great again.  We didn’t catch quite as many fish as we had on Saturday, but we had bigger shrimp, so we caught some bigger fish!

In our two days of perfect weather and splendid fishing, we caught snook, redfish, snapper, catfish and goliath grouper.  Mojo nearly boated a big tarpon, but as he reeled in it jumped twice out of the water then threw the hook.  At least he got to see the fish he hooked.  Baseball Boy boated his biggest snook to date — 27 inches!  All the while, the alligators were watching from the shore, the ibis and heron were roosting on the mangroves and the mullet were jumping.  One large mullet jumped out of the water and landed side down a few feet away from the boat.  It splashed Baseball Boy and me while we fished. 

It was a glorious weekend and fantastic fishing!



  1. It sound idyllic! Pretty far from the freezing rain and cold we experienced around here this weekend!

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